We are very satisfied and impressed with the level of service provided. – Mr Simon Ho

Really appreciate and thank you, Stephanye. Great helping to handover on time during that critical period. Also her good opinion for us to choose or make decision.We are strongly recommend your service to others! – Mr Terrence Thong

Stephanye is a very approachable and friendly person to work with. Apart from providing design service, she also share some personal talks about life. Nice to know and work with her. – Mrs Lim

This project has been very well managed by Damien. – Mr Chandrasekar

Damien, he is my idol. – Eve Revathi

Damien has been wonderful in his support! – Mr Kent Lew

Damien worked with us on our home. He is an excellent ID. We would definitely work with him again and would recommend One Design Werkz to our friends. Thank you Damien. You are the BEST! – Mr Francis Ng

Damien is a very experience & helpful Superior. – Mr Ong

Damien has very good customer service and is very helpful to address our concerns and meet our budget. He understands his clients well and delivers a good project. – Mr Dharmendran

Tina is a very responsible & helpful designer. Overall Well Done! – Mr Ong

Tina was helpful and understand what we wanted. Very pleased with the final product! – Mr Melvin

I would like to thanks Tina for her passion in helping us to complete our dream house. She gives suggestion and solution to our problem. A great job! – Ms Aaron Loh/ Ms Crystal Loo

Tina is very prompt in assisting me and getting things done. Appreciate her professionalism and attentiveness in this whole project. Damien is also very helpful and informative. – Ms Catherlyn Ng

Appreciate the patient and great customer service.  – Ms Wendy/ Mr Tan

 We love the colour scheme suggested by Cherin & the design is very refreshing! – Mr Mohamed Saddiq

We found it easy to work with Cherin as she has a pleasant personality. She was approachable and was willing to listen to our ideas as well. She could also explain her vision for the design well. Thanks very much! – Mr Mohamed Saddiq

Cherin understood our requirements and made our dream home possible. She created a homely, pleasant, and beautiful home for us. She was patient and understanding throughout. Thank you! – Mr Prakash

Cheryl is excellent in her job. She gave valuable advice and recommendation. Well done! Nobody can do better than her! – Mr Wee

Celvin provided us with constructive ideal and we have no negative comment on him. A very recommended sales person & super helpful! – Ms Cynthia Tan

Celvin! A1 service anytime. Always provide useful and tip top idea/ suggestion/ solution. – Mr Allan

Kevin goes the extra mile to fulfil his promise and commitment of making my dream home. Final product exceeded my expectations. – Mr Gilbert

Kevin is very helpful. He always there to assist whenever faces any problem. – Mr Koh

Khin Zar! Give her a bonus! – Mr Dharmendran

Cheryl is very attentive, she never failed to address issue that arises. She managed to hand the house to us on time. Keep it up! – Ms Angeline

Jazz is very professional & patience enough to advise us on detail. We can really feel he put in lots of effort and heart into our home. – Mr Tian


Jazz is very helpful and friendly, always try his best to help me. He also give suggestions to help me notice some details that i overlooked. – Christine Yeo

Jazz is definitely a very friendly and attentive ID to work with. He is also very patient to answer our queries and make constructive suggestion. He is very responsible in co-ordinating the works with other contractors. Will definitely recommend him to other friends. – Mr Tian

Leslie is a diligent young designer who is able to manage the demands of his customers. He has displayed a keen interest and positive attitude in his works. He is an approachable designer who interacts effectively and relates well to his customers. Being well-mannered and
even-tempered, he is also well-liked by his customers. He is very friendly and is always jovial and cheerful, thus making people around him feel comfortable. He is a courteous young guy who shows respect towards his seniors. In addition, he respects the decision and opinions of his customers. – Mr Vincent Cheong

Very good design and helped follow up with defect team. Place looks great! Thanks. – Mr Dexant

Eric! Creative, resourceful and patience. – Mr Lee

Eric was very helpful & responsive throughout the whole renovation works even before & after the reno. – Mr Goh

Damien has very good customer service. – Mr Goh

Louis. A very creative and understanding designers. Will recommend relatives and friends to use his services. – Mr Chan

Very impressed by the ID by Damien. He really explained in details and walk us through the journey. Ideas and workmanship is good. Damien is very responsive and a patient guy. Thumbs up. Keep up the good work. – Mr Teow

Glad to have Louis Lee handle my house renovation. He has done a wonderful/ excellent job. an experienced, helpful, attentive & friendly guy. Will love for him again for my future home renovation. – Mr Tay

Damien provided excellent customer service. I am very pleased with the work and will definitely want to engage him again. He managed the project very well indeed. And what really liked is that despite this, being a small project, your company took it on, when others showed no interest! Thanks! – Mr Usha

Damien has been a fantastic ID to work with, one who listens attentively to our ideas and needs and caters to our style with ease. – Mr Addison

Damien demonstrated professional attitude and very efficient in the job engaged. – Mr Liew

Cherin is a responsible interior designer. We are impressed with her attentiveness and proactive approach in attending to our needs. Despite her busy personal leave, she made speed effort in helping us. Well done! – Mr Mooi

Good design & speedy work! Tina – Mr Chew

Kevin is the perfect ID we have met this far. He is very patience and open with our ideas, suggestion. He is always very prompt in replying our request. Kevin is always going the extra mile for us. Highly recommend him to our family and friends. His experience and ideas is the perfect ID for any house. – Mr Goh

Ray, very approachable and very easy to work with. Two thumbs up. – Mr Dino Sofian

Cheryl是个工作负责, 做事严谨的设计师,很开心与你们共事.谢谢! – Ms Xue

Cheryl, Very easy to communicate problems and rectified to satisfaction. Very responsible! – Mr Soh

Cheryl is a very gentle and beautiful person to work with. She can suggest many alternatives and options to suit our design requirements! – Mr Ng

Design Well Done! Excellent! – Mr Ng

Cheryl is an excellent ID to work with. I will recommend others to her! – Mr Ng

Cheryl is a very responsible, cheerful person, who always gives us immediate professional advice and help during all the renovation process. She is definitely a trustable person who can work with in future. – Ms Zhang

Our designer Leslie is very professional in his works and even on weekends, we can expect a reply back from him with regards to our endless questions. Highly recommended to others for his advise and services!! – Mr Chia

Anders is friendly and attentive. Overall very satisfied with the work. – Mr Toh

The experience we have with Mr Eric Cheong is excellent his helpfulness, constant update and immediate response makes our renovating process with minimum hassle. We definitely recommend him to friends and relatives who wish to renovate their home!! – Mr Ahmad

Tina has been a great help throughout the process. She regularly sent me updates and photos without me having to chase for anything. She also provides many useful advice on choosing furniture and accessories which match the house’s theme. Thank you Tina! – Ms Chen

Kevin! He is very prompt in updating us with the progress and provide us with the best options. He is very knowledgable in understanding our design concept. Thank you. – Mr Muhammad Zaki

I am glad that the company provided us a great service, renovating our house to an ideally design. Li Hao is a creative and experienced designer, giving us explanation in design from time to time. – Mr Ng

Kevin, A very professional ID who gives insightful designs for the home. – Mr Mohamad Ashraf

I am really satisfied with your interior designer Mr Eric Cheong performance. His patience, helpful, and enthusiastic in helping out us throughout the process of renovating my house. I am very grateful to have him as my ID. – Mr Saini

Kevin always handle all the works in professional way, never failed owners. – Mr Ang

My overall experience is a pleasant one. Louis is an experience designer. Hence i do not need to worry about my renovations and outcome of the house. – Mr Zainul

Samuel is very helpful, good suggestions, patient & excellent end product! Thanks!. – Mr Timothy