Our Services

At ONE Design Werkz, we provide ideas that indulge the heart. From design consultancy ,space planning to renovation and decoration, we cater to every need when it comes to delivering your dream home.

  • Intricate Detailing

    When it comes to craft, we get into even the tiniest details to ensure that every cut is perfect.

  • Experienced Professionals

    With our vast years of experience when it comes to interior design, one word and we'll create a concept that you're looking for.

  • Quality Assurance

    With the focus on sustainability built alongside aesthetics, we ensure that every design crafted has longevity and is of its upmost quality.

  • Warranty

    A 1 year warranty for after-sales service is provided for every ONE Design Werkz workpiece.



Driven by dreams and ideations, here's some of our works to put you in awe!

How We Work


  • 1

    With an idea in mind, let us conceptualise your entire home concept for you.

  • 2

    After coming out with a rough sketch and plan, your budget is the next most important thing to take into consideration

  • 3

    Upon finalisation, we'll begin building and constructing your dream home

  • 4

    After in-depth quality checks and assurance, we'll proceed to handover with a 1-year warranty post-completion.

Our Range of Services

With decades of experience within this industry, here are some of the services we offer!

  • Kitchen Renovation

  • Bathroom Renovation

  • Living/ Dining Room Renovation

  • HDB Renovation

  • Condominium Renovation

  • Landed Property Renovation

  • Commercial/ Office Interior Design

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About Us

Our Story

We are a team of loving, passionate, committed people brought together by interior designing. Our goal is to transform everyday spaces (such as but not limited to condo, landed property, commercial and HDB apartments) into motivating environments. We want to empower our customers to fuse their visions and goals for their space with our imaginative knowledge and accurate design planning to have useful, flexible and future-focused spaces. Our one-stop objective is to create spaces that show your personality and your way of life. We pride ourselves in doing everything within your budget. We design a variety of residential, condo, office and commercial spaces. Our belief is that everyone deserves an amazing living space, regardless of budget. From homeowners looking for a unique touch in their homes, to quirky and strong individuals, the futuristic style approach is a favoured choice. The main aspect of futuristic styling is to emphasize on the idea of the unknown. Interior design is normally cosmic and eccentric. Home styling is a fundamental part in making homes comfortable. Homeowners have the benefit of choosing from a huge diversity of styling options. With us, you can comfortably bring your dreams into reality. Let us realise your dream with you.

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